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Corrina Cliffe

Senior Hospital Scientist in Medical Genomics, NSW Health Pathology
Corrina Cliffe

Corrina is a RCPA Faculty of Science trainee in Medical Genomics based at NSW Health Pathology Randwick. Corrina explains that the training program connects her with her peers, while presenting new learning opportunities in her field. “The FSc Fellowship training provides the unique opportunity to learn and be involved in areas of Medical Genomics that are not routinely undertaken in the laboratory in which you work, and to learn these skills from some of the most qualified scientists in the field.”

Corrina Cliffe

The training can be challenging and Corrina admits balancing this part of life with family and work demands can be difficult, but definitely worthwhile. “The most rewarding part is being provided the opportunity to create new networks - not only with other trainees but also with scientists in the labs in which you are training.” Corrina also explains that the support from these networks is invaluable and the most rewarding: “these are the people that will guide you, teach you and help you celebrate every milestone of your training.”

To those considering the RCPA’s FSc Fellowship, Corrina offers the following advice: “Be prepared – connect with current and past trainees to discuss their experiences, understand what you personally seek to gain from the training, and make sure you engage with a supervisor who has the capacity to support you.”

We wish you continued success Corrina!

Indira Basu

Section Leader - TB lab & Molecular Microbiology, LabPlus
Indira Basu

Dr Indira Basu has extensive international post-doctoral research experience in the field of Molecular Microbiology. This vast study combined with her laboratory experience offered Dr Basu a variation to the pathway by examination to a Faculty of Science Fellowship, and as such she was only required to study for Part II oral examinations.

Working in LabPLUS, the main reference laboratory on the North Island of New Zealand, Dr Basu undertook the FSc Fellowship as a way to bring about professional recognition to her work and increase her career opportunities as a clinical scientist: “The Fellowship of the Faculty of Science is a prestigious qualification and the RCPA is a leader in this field of training.”

Indira Basu 1

Dr Basu explains that while she did need to put in significant study time, with the support of her family, supervisor and colleagues she flourished. Furthermore, the study gave her exposure to areas of laboratory science she may not have otherwise had: “I thrived on the challenge as it made me work harder. I ended up studying material, such as bio-statics, that I probably would not have done in my day-to-day work. It stretched the breadth and depth of my knowledge and I feel that I learned a lot as a result.”

With this increased knowledge, a renewed sense of purpose and confidence in her ability to take on new challenges, Dr Basu says that the insights gained have also been extremely useful and applicable in her own work. She also believes scientists considering the FSc Fellowship should go for it: “I would definitely encourage others to undertake the journey. It involves dedication and a lot of hard work but in the end, it is highly satisfying.”

Congratulations on your achievement Dr Basu!

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