Peer Review Pathway to Fellowship

At the August 2009 meeting of the Council of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia it was agreed that:

'That RCPath Fellows in Anatomical Pathology and Chemical Pathology holding a Certificate of Completion of Training and/or currently appointed as specialists in the NHS be considered as 'substantially comparable' and eligible for a one year peer reviewed work place based assessment in an approved laboratory with the award of Fellowship of the RCPA on satisfactory completion of the process.'

'That due to the differences in the structure and curriculum of the training programmes and variability in assessments/examinations undertaken, RCPath Fellows in other disciplines require an additional review of the specific training undertaken, RCPath assessments/examinations successfully completed and post fellowship training/experience/assessments/ examinations.'

'That RCPath Fellows currently working in Australasia be directly invited to apply for RCPA Fellowship on a similar basis as above with appropriate recognition of training, experience, qualifications and continuing medical education obtained outside the UK system.'

This decision essentially means that Pathologists with the above qualifications will be eligible to apply for Fellowship of the RCPA via a Peer Assessment Pathway.

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