Training Time Credits

The College has developed a set of tables that provide guidance to prospective Trainees and International Medical Graduates about training time credits that may be granted in recognition of prior learning when a degree or other specialty qualification has been obtained. These are only guidelines for applying for training time credits at the time of Initial Registration with the College, see below.

Application for Retrospective Accreditation of Training

Retrospective accreditation must be sought from the Board of Education and Assessment on initial registration as a Trainee. Applications should include full supporting documentation such as copies of degrees/qualifications, training and examination results, laboratory and supervisor information, projects and work history.

If not part of a formal degree or qualification, the training details are to be accompanied by a statement from the supervisor for each period, verifying the claim. Retrospective accreditation is considered on an individual basis, however, training undertaken in an undergraduate program would not generally be recognised.

Fees Payable

  • Trainees who have commenced training in an accredited laboratory and have delayed registering with the College are required to pay the equivalent of the current annual training fee for the period accredited retrospectively.
  • Trainees who have undertaken prior training relevant to pathology with another medical specialist college, for example MRCPath or equivalent, are not required to pay a fee for that period of retrospective accreditation.
  • In all other cases (for example a research degree) the Trainee will be required to pay a fee of 50% of the current annual training fee for each year of retrospective accreditation granted.

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