Trainees' Committee

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List of Members

Position Name Jurisdiction
Chair Dr Albert Yin VIC
Anatomical Pathology Representative Dr Natasha Prosser NSW
Chemical Pathology Representative Dr Caroline Bachmeier QLD
Faculty of Science Representative Mrs Corrina Cliffe NSW
FCFM Representative Dr Janine Rowse VIC
General Pathology Representative Dr Wei Lee QLD
Genetics Representative Dr Samantha Sundercombe NSW
Immunology Representative Dr Alice Grey NSW
Microbiology Representative Dr Roselle Robosa NSW
NZ Representative Dr Linda Leys New Zealand
SA Representative Dr Deborah Chaves Gomes SA
TAS Representative Dr Jessica Beechey TAS

About the Trainees’ Committee

  • The Trainees’ Committee is a channel for all trainees to provide input into the training, education and professional activities of the College.
  • The Committee reports to the RCPA Board of Directors and has voting rights on the RCPA Council and the Board of Education and Assessment.
  • The Committee seeks representation across as many regions and disciplines as possible and may include a trainee from one of the RCPA Faculties.
  • At least four meetings are held annually. Normally one of them is face-to face and the others are by teleconference. The College provides administrative support for these meetings. The Committee may also communicate privately and informally via social media platforms.

Contacting the Trainees’ Committee

  • Trainees may contact any committee member directly and confidentially without necessarily going through the Chair. Please note that committee members will not offer advice of a personal nature.
  • The Committee generally hosts a Trainee Forum at Pathology Update each year.

Joining the Trainees’ Committee

  • All College committee appointments are normally made on 1 December each year for a period of two years, but it is recognised that for many trainees, workloads and examinations will make this impractical, so the Trainees’ Committee has the flexibility to accept replacement nominations at any time.
  • If you are interested in joining, you may informally contact any committee member to express interest and find out more about what is involved. To make a formal application, please contact Ms Diane Vukelic ( who will send and application form and relevant documents.

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