Initial Registration

Before applying for training with the College, the Trainee must be employed in a training position in a College accredited site.

Once employment and supervision have been secured, the prospective Trainee must submit an Initial Registration application to the College and a copy of their prospective training program. Payment of the initial registration and annual training fee is required within two months of commencing training. A supervisor is normally allocated by the Head of Department in negotiation with the Trainee. A Trainee may request an alternate supervisor without penalty.

Certified copies of original certificates of medical qualifications and registration are to be submitted with the application form (or posted separately if registering on line). To finalise initial registration, the Trainee must provide a Prospective Training Program.

Once registered, a Member ID No. will be allocated, which will continue through to Fellowship and beyond. This number must be quoted on all correspondence with the College and will be used as the candidate number in examinations.

Trainees receive the College newsletter, Pathology Today, the journal Pathology, PathWay Magazine and notice of scientific meetings and other information. Access is also provided to the password-protected area of the RCPA website, which holds educational learning resources, past examination papers, course notes, discussion forums etc.

Any change of address or proposed changes in training, including extended leave, must be notified by email to

Please refer to the important dates for training for submission dates of Registration and Supervisor reports.

Payment of Annual Training Fees 2022

All continuing trainees with the RCPA will be invoiced Annual Training Fees. New trainees joining the College will be invoiced after their registration has been confirmed. Invoices will be emailed to trainees after March 2022.


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