Joint Trainees with RCPA

Trainees applying for training programs Endocrinology/Chemical Pathology, Infectious Diseases/Microbiology, Haematology or Immunology/Allergy are advised to consult the PREP Requirements for Advanced Training for each program. The programs are run jointly with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and are supervised by the Committee for Joint College Training.

New applicants need to obtain an application form from the RACP, in addition to the RCPA Initial Registration form. Copies of the RACP application form must be sent to both the RCPA and the RACP.

Trainees will need to pay an Initial Training Fee.

For subsequent annual registrations, only the Annual Application for Approval of Advanced Training form needs to be completed and submitted to the RACP, and then payment of the RCPA annual registration fee by submitting a Payment Authorisation form to the RCPA.

Please note that in the disciplines of Haematology and Immunopathology there are separate forms for the RACP in Australia and NZ. In both instances a copy of the form must be sent to the RCPA.

For Joint trainees only the Joint/RACP/RCPA Supervisor report is required. These are lodged with both colleges as per the submission requirements indicated on the form. If the training period includes a lab rotation, then an RCPA Portfolio Summary sheet is required.

Joint College Trainees Mid-Year Supervisor reports due on 31 August 2022.

Annual Supervisor’s Report

Joint RACP/RCPA trainees are required to submit their Supervisor’s Report for the previous year by 31 January. In the final year of training submission of the report is required by 31 October, 2022.

Please refer to the important dates for training for submission dates of Registration and Supervisor reports.

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