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Supervisor Reports

A Supervisor Report form is to be completed by the supervisor for each Trainee, detailing the Trainee's progress during the year. Supervisor Report forms for each discipline and for Morphological and Clinical Pathology can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant discipline below:

This Supervisor report form is to be completed by single discipline Microbiology trainees only.

This Supervisor report form is to be completed by Joint RACP/RCPA trainees. If you are sitting an RCPA Part I or Part II examination a copy of this report is required to be submitted to the College no later than 15 July in the relevant year. Please do not use the single discipline form.

Faculty of Science:

Trainees are required to submit an Annual Supervisor's Report each year and for rotations within a year. Trainees must submit their previous years Supervisor Report/s with their annual registration.

If a Trainee is sitting Part 1 (not applicable for AP trainees) or Part 2 exams, an additional pre-exam supervisor report is required by 15 July of the year of the examination.

These reports are held for review by the Chief Examiner during the August examination period.Trainees in joint Royal Australasian College of Physicians/Royal College of Pathologists or Australasia training programs must submit reports by 31 January for their previous years training.

However, in their final training year the Supervisor's Report is due by 15 October. If Trainees do not submit their Supervisor's reports in accordance with the above requirements their training time will not be accredited.

Post-Fellowship Supervisor Reports